Ajax have rejected a €90m bid from Manchester United for Antony 💰❌

Owais rate 12 on the transfer market many things are happening guys in these days but the biggest story of the moment is about Anthony iax top talent with Manchester United negotiate in to sign him submit a proposal information 90 million euros new proposal on Friday afternoon rejected at the moment by I know it's a complicated than guys I am very important announcement because I had in next project interview that told with Anthony Brazilian star in the most difficult moment of the negotiation in the most important moment of the negotiation about his feet and this situation

Answer this question 6 February of this year my agents can't 12 info I access my desire to leave the club to Paisa new challenge and that some of interest in class to the right and with them and timely a grade open this is the percentage from Anthony

Question Singh test King to release me I'm asking to tell me at the highest paid received by a player who plays in the head admission in the history I will you sleeping on this time Since February so that the club to repeal the theme with Peas of mind

My question by saying I was very happy in Amsterdam I want to make friends and build up my career but now I ring force that I am ready and full of motivation to my story and my friends people need to listen to me and understand that my motivation moves me towards happiness I need to continue performing at the hide label text will always be in my heart

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