Arajo, who replaced Pique in Barcelona's defense, is doing well.

The injury of the superstar could be a setback for Barcelona, ​​who are set to play crucial matches. 

Ronald Arajo, Cuman's loyal defender, was injured during Sunday's Barcelona-Real Betis match.  The team may lose the player's service in the upcoming matches.

Arajo, who replaced Pique in Barcelona's defense, is doing well.  No one has dribbled the star so far.  Even the real Cristiano Ronaldo failed to overtake the star.  With the Uruguayan player injured, Kuman needs to find a replacement for the player.

Leading the way are Oscar Mingvesa, Frankie de Jong and Samuel Umtiti.  De Jong played in the player's position after Arajo was ruled out of the match against Betis due to injury.  But De Jong's absence in midfield was obvious.

The accuracy of Barcelona's attacks has diminished as the youngster, who has been performing well since the New Year, has stepped back.

Koman's tactics will be based on the fitness of Sergino Dust, a young American who arrived in Barcelona from Ajax.  If Dest is fully healthy, Kuman may move Mingvesa to center-back position.

Barcelona, ​​who will play crucial matches, can also use the services of Umtiti.  But the chances of using the Kuman star are slim.

Barcelona will face Sevilla in the Copa del Rey semi-final on Wednesday, after which they will face Camp Nou Alaves on Saturday.

The next match for Barcelona is the Champions League match against PSG.  The match will be played on February 16.

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