Antoine Griezmann via 'Universo Valdano':

"Since my arrival at Barcelona, I have not spoken. I said at that time that I only want to speak on the pitch, not publicly. I've been putting up with many different comments and now I've said enough is enough.

It is time to put things right.

Many people want me to cut my hair, but I will not do that because my wife and kids want me to keep it.

David Beckham is my idol on and off the pitch. He's an example for everyone.

My father is French and I was born in Macon. However, my mum is Portuguese. My grandad played football in Portugal. My father also played but he never managed to earn money from the sport.

I was not good at school. All I focused on was football and becoming a professional. My dad helped me train until I was 13.

Nobody had confidence in me when I was little. I was told that I wouldn't make it because I was too small and I didn't have the level. I wasn't given an opportunity. FC Metz wanted to take me. They sold me dreams, but 2 weeks later it was dead.

Metz had told me that they would sign me, but in the end they didn't. I was crying for many days.

A Real Sociedad scout saw me in a tournament, followed me and left me a little card for my parents to call him.

I didn't use to understand Spanish. It was difficult, but there are very good people in San Sebastian. The Basques are very good people and they helped me a lot. My wife is Basque. Thank God they helped me, because I would have returned home after 4 months.

It was difficult for me to find a place in the teams and the situation wasn't how it is now. But I got there with hard work. I didn't stand out too much, I didn't do 10,000 dribbles, I only did what the coach wanted.

When I arrived at Barcelona, Leo was hurt because I had refused to join Barça a year before.

In the documentary I wanted to show that choosing a team is not like going to a candy store and choosing the red or the blue.

My family were also upset with the documentary I made because they wanted me to play for Barcelona.

I accept criticism because I have not shown my best version.

It is very difficult when you move to a team like Barcelona. I've played under three coaches in one year! I need time to adapt! Then these comments are made... I've even heard comments from presidential candidates.

Valverde asked me to play on the left and use spaces. Sometimes to go inside, but especially to be with Jordi Alba when going into space. He is the one who brought me and I have a lot of respect for him. I gained his confidence.

My relationship with Setien was normal. I learnt how to shoot better and pass better under him. My family sometimes told me to ask him why I didn't play at times.

My relationship with Setien was normal. I learnt how to shoot better and pass better under him. My family sometimes told me to ask him why I didn't play at times.

Leo knows that I have a lot of respect for him. I learn from him.

My uncle doesn't know anything about football. I told Leo that I have nothing to do with his words. I don't even have my uncle's WhatsApp.

I need a little help from everyone, from fans, from the club. I already have the help of my teammates. Journalists need to be softer with me, and not hit me so many sticks. They need to leave me a little calm.

I have the confidence of the coach.

It has been difficult at the club for two years. But there are many games to play and I think we have the level to win important titles, but we have to respond and it is my turn to show that I am ready to play for this club.

There are many games and players are getting injured. If you get injured you'll be out for 30 games (laughs). Every three days is too much. You have to play and you have to continue, but it becomes difficult. Having so many injuries is not by chance.

Leo was bothered when I decided to stay at Atleti. However, he then told me that he'd die by my side.

With the media there is always something wrong. If it's not with Leo, it's that I want to leave or that I want to go in January because they want to sell me. It's waking up every day and going to see if there's something terrible.

Hopefully, after this interview, everyone calms down when the subject revolves around me.

I am very well here at Barça, they have welcomed me very well. I want to help the team. They trusted me and now I want to reciprocate that trust by helping the team win. There is no problem with anyone, I'm really fine and I just ask to leave me a bit calm."

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